The online courses at NYIUprovide flexibility for individuals with other obligations who are also seeking an education. Prior to enrollment, each student is allocated a personal admissions adviser with expertise in supporting, mentoring, and advising students to ensure a successful university experience.

We encourage you to apply now and look forward to assisting you in gaining the skills necessary for success. Our admissions advisors are standing by to assist you in achieving your objectives through higher education.



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Mission & Values
Office of the President

Our Mission at NYIUis to give opportunity to students from all over the world from diverse backgrounds to connect with each other and the faculty in order to share vibrant ideas, views, and experiences. Our learning style supports a greater degree of student discourse and engaging dialogues that keep everyone in your online classroom interested..

The NYIUExperience
Office of the President

New York International University provides flexible online degree programs for working adults who are balancing job, family, or managing a business while pursuing their higher education. With the flexibility of online learning, you may get up early to engage in online conversations, join in to study around lunch, or finish your assignments late at night — whatever fits your schedule!

Why Choose NYIU

Your time is important to us. Therefore, we value every minute. We provide education and assistance tailored to your professional aspirations, 24/7 access to our online programs with assistance when needed, and options to pay less on tuition and graduate sooner.

Programs Of Financial Aid

The New York International University offers many financial aid programs to help students by supporting and fulfilling their financial needs.

Transfer of Credit

Credit transfer options are available to reduce tuition costs, make it easier for you to study, and speed up your graduation

No Deadlines

Students have the benefit to learn at their own pace and on their terms. You can choose to take several courses in a single week, or you can reschedule them according to your schedule.

Focused Learning

Our tactfully developed curriculum allows students to learn through a blend of traditional and contemporary knowledge in all educational fields


Our international presence helps our graduates in finding professional opportunities, internationally.

Apply for

Scholarships are available for both new NYIUstudents and NYIUgraduates who want to go back to school. The qualifications for each scholarship vary. Applicants will be selected based on their grades, how much money they need, and how ready they are to study online.