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Application Requirements

To start your application, you just need to fill in some basic information and create your account. Provide New York International University with your academic history, transcripts and documents and employment history. Select the program you want to enroll in and check scholarship eligibility and submit your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the degree program take to complete?

The majority of degree programs are meant to be finished in less than two years. You choose the pace at which you complete an online degree program; you may do it at your own discretion.

Do online students obtain a degree that differs from on-campus students? Is online education less credible?

As a graduate student studying online, you will obtain the same degree as on-campus students. The online courses share the same learning objectives, academic quality, educational excellence, and faculty as their traditional counterparts.

When is the deadline for applications?

Since applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, the admissions process will begin reviewing your application as soon as it is finished and all list of documents are received. You are strongly advised to submit your application as soon as possible as opposed to waiting until the deadline in order to prevent any unanticipated delays in locating official transcripts or getting letters of reference.

Are credit transfers accepted?

New York International University provides students with state of the art student area through which they can easily transfer their credits
  • • Enroll in New York International University and choose your program
  • • Go to the Student Service area after you login to your account
  • • Claim credit by selecting the corresponding courses
  • • An average GPA will be given to you for the courses you selected

How does your online program work?

Our programs are provided through a state-of-the-art education management system that enables you to access program information, participate in class discussions, and contact lecturers and other students from anywhere in the world at any time. The due dates for assignments are predetermined and spread out across the course or seminar's weeks. Throughout the duration of your program, you will have access to round-the-clock help desk assistance in the event that you face any technical difficulties with our virtual classroom.

Do you offer scholarships?

New York International University is recognized and known for our amazing academic scholarship programs which provide massive relief to the tuition fee of our students. The scholarships we provide are directly reflected on the tuition fee of our students and are directly proportional to the merit.

What kind of scholarships does NYIUoffer?

NYIUoffers general and academic scholarships for their students. The general scholarships are open to anybody who needs financial aid to further their education. This grant is open to students from all around the world. NYIUprovides academic scholarships regardless of financial background, ethnicity, religion, religious preference, or gender to students who have excelled in their education.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available for both new NYIUstudents and NYIUgraduates who want to go back to school. The qualifications for each scholarship vary. Applicants will be selected based on their grades, how much money they need, and how ready they are to study online.

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